DCL Staff Walking on Fire for Charity Event

Donfabs & Consillia resident father/son fabricator combo, John Bowles III & John Bowles IV, recently undertook a ‘hot’ challenge to aid an exceptional cause.

Supporting a local charity, the Rainbows Children's Hospice of Loughborough, the deadly duo faced up to a 15-foot walk over 600°F coals, where both men bravely undertook the challenge by placing their dainty feet onto the smouldering charcoal without the usual protection of their safety boots, and hot-stepped their way to the other side without so much of a whiff of burning flesh.

The charity event was attended by around 40 participants who took on the challenge, in the picturesque grounds of the Emmanuel Church, Loughborough, as well as many onlookers cheering on the brave firewalker's, who have, between them, raised to date not far short of £5,000, with our own J.B’s amassing £475 worth of contributions themselves by way of donations and sponsorship.

Special training was undertaken for the firewalk – part of which involved learning the ability to snap an arrow using your neck. Arrow breaking is an exercise in mindfulness, commitment, and the power of motivation. We are not sure whether this will become part of DCL staff’s onward CPD, but it seemed to work very well for John & John with the walk!!

Huge congratulations to the Bowles – both in their ability to brave the flames and their superb support of a very worthy local cause.

We are sure any further support for the Rainbows Children's Hospice would be very welcome – you may donate by using the link below should you feel the inclination to do so, without running the risk of creating a foot kebab in the process!