Donfabs & Consillia Motorised Electric Rail Trolley & Trailers. Pre delivery inspection.

Another successful day of testing. Final run-in tests of our advanced Motorised Electric Platform (MEP) & Trailer systems and quality assurance, pending delivery to our customer. We believe the MEP to be the most versatile, transportable, ergonomically, and environmentally friendly unit available worldwide.

A huge thanks to the guys at Midland Railway Trust for facilitating these tests and our staff for enduring the cold.

All units passed with flying colours and they will support maintaining railway operations across the customer's network.

If you have any requirements for a battery-powered cart capable of being adapted for specialised roles, or carriage of equipment, with a towing capacity of more than 1 tonne don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales department

The MEP is very much a multi-role unit and It can be configured to meet various customer requirements.