Sinden Technology© Arcade Foot Pedal

Sinden Technology© Arcade Foot Pedal

Design and fabrication services at Donfabs & Consillia are pleased to be working in collaboration with Sinden Technology© This is a real game changer for retro gamers worldwide and we would like to thank them for the opportunity to be part of this adventure.

  • Commercial arcade quality construction
  • Made with solid metal materials, aluminium and steel
  • USB connector, pedal action triggers a USB keyboard press
  • Compatible with PC, Raspberry Pi, Android, Mac and any system that supports USB keyboard
  • Perfect addition for a home arcade cabinet
  • Designed for use with the Sinden Lightgun but compatible with all other lightgun devices
  • Inspired by real Time Crisis arcade pedals
  • Can be used to play multiple versions of Time Crisis on emulators
  • Size 25cm x 25cm, weight 2.5Kg approx
  • Powder coated metal for durability and longevity.
  • Manufactured in England, UK


The pedal inputs to your PC, Raspberry Pi or other devices such as a keyboard. You can set it to a custom key using the software or just use it straight out of the box where it outputs a “c” key. You can use it with any lightgun device but specifically, you can additionally combine it with the Sinden Lightgun inside the Sinden Lightgun software and assign a lightgun input to it instead. So, for example, it can be set to match whatever your Sinden Lightgun pump action is. So, you can then use either input in your game without needing to change the configuration (Config). You can also use 2 pedals on the same system.

It comes with a generous 5m long USB cable just like the Sinden Lightgun, so you are not limited on where you want to use it.

Andy took it with him when he went to exhibit the Sinden Lightgun recently at CES in Las Vegas. It took a proper bashing from hundreds of people across 3 days without any damage and received positive feedback. So, it’s made to a commercial standard of strength. It would even be possible to use it on an original Time Crisis arcade machine (with some re-wiring).

Due to its solid weight, it comes in a nice custom-designed package with shaped foam to protect it while being distributed to customers.

Here is a video of some gameplay action, playing Time Crisis in Mame using a Sinden Lightgun and the new Sinden arcade pedal:

The metal works started production as a limited edition with 200 being made, however, of course, I hope it will be a successful project with ongoing production in the future. These first pedal orders were successfully dispatched by Sinden Technology© to customers in July 2022.


As you all know I love lightgun games and I get so many requests from my customers asking for a high-quality foot pedal to use with their setup. At the moment the only option is to use cheap-looking plastic foot pedals which are very low quality and easily break when being used for gaming (especially when you are stamping on them trying to avoid getting shot in Time Crisis!) or buying genuine arcade ones for several hundred pounds/dollars and refurbishing them. Of course, even with the high cost of a real arcade pedal, there are limited numbers available.

So, Andy decided to get a product made that would fill this gap and be available to everyone for their arcades and lightgun setups. Of course, the starting point was looking at an original Namco Time Crisis Arcade pedal and I wanted to replicate the feel of this. This product is inspired but not directly copied from these pedals.

From the outset, the plan was always to design a premium product. Made of a combination of steel and aluminium, with a good weight, incredible strength, look awesome and it needed to have that real arcade “clunk” feel to it. I worked with the designer of the Sinden Lightgun shell and a metal works factory in the UK. The metal works factory has been operating in the UK for over 200 hundred years, so they know what they are doing. I admit I started this project without appreciating how expensive metal work is and by the end, I realised why everyone makes everything out of plastic and why this type of product wasn’t already available!

I’m really happy with what the factory and the designer came up with. It works great, it looks great, it has that solid premium feel, and it has the all-important “clunk”:

Please go to the official online store for Sinden Technology© products and shop securely to order the pedal or other Sinden Technology© products:

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