Jaguar GR.3A - XZ369

Members of the Donfabs & Consillia team recently had the privilege of being invited to witness the arrival of East Midlands Aeropark's latest acquisition. Sepcat Jaguar GR.3A XZ369.

XZ369 was first flown on 11th October 1976 and entered service with 14 Squadron RAFG at Bruggen in November of that year. By 1984 she had moved to 17 Squadron and returned to the UK in 1986 for GR.1A conversion. Re-entering service with 6 Squadron at Coltishall in 1988, she was progressively upgraded to GR.1B, GR.3 and finally GR.3A status, retiring in 2005.

Whilst the Aero Park have taken a decision to close their doors until 2021, due to COVID-19, their dedicated team will be continuing to work, preserving our aviation history for future generations.

Donfabs & Consillia look forward to supporting East Midlands Aeropark into the future and would like to thank them for the opportunity to see the arrival of XZ369 at its new home.