MEC - LWB Long Wheel Base

The MEC-LWB motorised Electric Cart provides a low cost, simple solution for the transportation of up to two staff and their equipment within the Rail Environment. The vehicle is robust enough to stand everyday use but designed to be lightweight and easily operated. The extended load area (1.3m x 1.5m) provides an ideal platform for the moving of loads up to 750Kg.

With the addition of a range of flexible and universal trailer systems, the MEC-LWB can solve the majority of day to day logistics and railway maintenance problems. The MEC-LWB is also ideally suited as a platform for mounting specialist rail instrumentation systems.

Features at a Glance

  • Symmetrical Vehicle Split
  • Large Flatbed load area
  • Tow Multiple trailers
  • 2 Tonne Towing Capacity
  • 1-2 Person Capacity
  • Battery Powered Work Lights and Floodlight
  • 16 kph Forward Speed
  • Easy to operate