MPT - Multi Purpose Trolley

Construction The MPT is constructed from Aluminium and with a total weight of 40Kg is light enough to be lifted by 2 people and deployed to track in seconds. Designed for portability, the unit splits conveniently in half for hard access areas. The size of the unit allows it to be transported to site in a small Van or on a special emergency vehicle. Applications The MPT can be deployed for a wide variety of applications. Whenever or wherever there is a load to be carried, whether it be tools, welding equipment, bill posters, part or other small components, the MPT is ideally suited to transport them

Operation Designed with simplicity in mind, the MPT can be quickly assembled track side. The unit is removed from its optional carry case or bag and the two halves linked together within seconds. The wheel sets are already attached and the trolley once the handle is slotted into place is ready for operation. Options Additional custom fittings can be added to the unit on request to suit different applications and carrying requirements. The MPT has a fail safe braking system built into it. This is connected to the push handle. To move forward move the handle forward and the MPT moves. If the handle is released then the MPT stops. The handle can be placed in the opposing receptacles.


Aluminium Construction

200kg Carry Capacity

Fail Safe Braking System

Splits for Easy Transportation

2 Person Operation


General / Spoil Carrying

Welding Equipment

Casualty / Fatality Retrieval