TS1 - Rail Push Trolley

The TS1 lightweight utility trolley from Donfabs & Consillia has been designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of railway crews whilst maintaining the smallest possible useable footprint and minimum weight. The unit’s creation has been derived from many areas of customer feedback and Donfabs & Consillia have also designed this unit with ease of maintenance for through life support.

The TS1 is supplied with 3 component parts which need assembly before the TS1 can be operated on the track. These are the TS1 chassis, Push Handle and Brake release lever. The push handle remains static at all times and is not used to release the brakes, only as a means of pushing or pulling the TS1. The brakes are released by operation of the brake release lever, releasing the brake release lever during operation will put the brakes “ON” and bring the TS1 to a stop.

The basic unit consists of an aluminium fabricated platform which is formed into a corrugated tray. The wheel pods with brakes are fixed to this tray, and can be replaced if required. The brakes on the TS1 are failsafe spring applied and released by the brake release lever.

The TS1 is intended to be operated in either direction, forwards or backwards. The direction of travel is determined by the fitting of the push handle and the brake release lever. The normal direction of travel is to push the TS1 trolley, to travel in the opposite direction, remove the push handle and brake release lever and reposition these on the other end of the TS1.