GXT - DLCR Push Geometry Trolley

T-GXT-DLCR Portable push track geometry and conductor rail measurement system from Donfabs & Consillia Limited provides a convenient method of ascertaining many parameters simultaneously with reference to a distance measurement. The unit is small and light enough to be moved easily by minimal operators and can be used in one of two modes, push and towed. The unit can be quickly deployed and measurements taken within minutes. This second generation device now utilises latest technology laser devices.

Parameters Measured

  • Gauge (1435mm standard, other Gauges built to order)
  • Cross Level
  • Twist x3 (calculated)
  • Conductor Rail Position Vertical L & R
  • Conductor Rail Position Lateral L & R
  • Conductor Rail wear Left (4 points)
  • Conductor Rail wear Right (4 points)
  • Battery Volts, Distance & Temperature
  • Towed or push Mode
  • Real Time software Display
  • Battery Powered