DRPTCT - Dual Corrugation

The Dual Rail Corrugation Recording Trolley from Donfabs & Consillia is a self contained lightweight measuring instrument designed specifically to record the corrugation along left and right railhead simultaneously. The system is configured for use on both ballasted and embedded track types (35GP-NP40S). Utilising a sliding shoe system, the unit is capable of measuring various wavelengths providing a very accurate reading. All data is stored for later retrieval and analysis. The unit can be configured in a “push”mode or can be “towed” behind a Donfabs & Consillia MEC Electric Cart.


  • Sliding Shoe Technology with 1m straight edge reference
  • Composite Channel
  • Filtered Channel 25 to 150mm wavelength
  • Filtered Channel 150mm to infinity wavelength
  • Measurement wavelength range 10 to 600mm
  • Battery Powered
  • Integral Rugged Recording System
  • Folds for easy transportation