Laser profile sensors to measure conductor rail wear and track gauge

In the railway industry, an important aspect is the aftermarket rail inspection for wear monitoring, recording and track bed geometry. Donfabs & Consillia Ltd provides complete solutions for railway monitoring, producing a full range of equipment for the measurement of a wide variety of track parameters. The company’s product portfolio covers everything from unattended units for recording ride comfort, through to track parameter measurement together with vehicles for rail inspection and maintenance.

One of the company’s latest projects was the measurement of the track bed geometry with a large overseas Railway Network. The task was to measure the wear on the power rail to ensure it was not worn beyond the conductor rail. This would cause a loss of connection and stuttering of the train, which in turn leads to disruptions and an uncomfortable ride for commuters. Previously, the track bed geometry was checked through visual inspection by the operator. This manual process was susceptible to human error and excessive wear could go unnoticed resulting in the rail disruption.

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