Track Geometry, Motorised Rail Trolleys and Push Trolleys

Specialist Rail Utility Vehicles, for the Rail Industry and Emergency Responders

Bespoke Solutions

The demands of the modern-day railway including short maintenance hours and demanding maintenance schedules can be fulfilled using the highly successful range of Donfabs and Consillia Ltd battery powered motorised electric carts, trailers and vehicles. All aluminium construction, safety critical redundancy systems, fail safe braking, coupled with 16Kph maximum speed. Configurable platforms and large towing capacities make the Donfabs and Consillia Ltd utility range so successful.

Rail Utility Vehicles

DCL has designed & developed a range of motorised carts, track vehicles and trailers specifically for track inspection, the transport of railway maintenance equipment and personnel.

Rail Utility

Our wide range of push and powered rail trolleys are all designed to meet with rail industry requirements. From track maintenance trolleys, casualty removal trolleys, through to lighting and survey…

Track Geometry

Donfabs and Consillia Limited offer a comprehensive range of portable push, powered and towed track geometry trolleys. Configurations are available to fulfil the simplest to the most sophisticated…

Ride Comfort

Donfabs & Consillia provide vehicle ride comfort monitoring solutions that are used throughout the world. The Company's range of stand alone, portable systems provide an easy solution to on board, in…

Surveying Services

Donfabs & Consillia work with a partner to provide surveying services for railway track maintenance and construction, including track measurement trolleys, data processing software and consultancy…