PTST - Portable Track Survey Trolley

The PTST is a hand pushed track recording trolley designed to measure a variety of track and trackside parameters simultaneously. The standard unit will measure Cross-Level, Twist, Left and Right Vertical and Horizontal Versine and Topography. Additional transducers can be added as options to provide measurements of platform geometries, conductor rail parameters, sleeper height and true location. The push trolley gives a continuous record when in measuring mode and data is stored to the on board ruggedised PC which can be removed for storage and transport. Data can be viewed and manipulated using our VisiRail Software, or exported to other packages.

The unit is lightweight and can be folded up for transport in a small van or estate car


  • Distance based recording
  • Real-time data capture
  • One person operation
  • Fail-Safe braking system
  • Portable - fits in an estate car or similar vehicle


  • 1435mm gauge
  • Other gauges to order
  • Platform attachment
  • Sleeper Height Measurement
  • Carry Bag