MEC 4 - Motorised Electric Cart

The MEC-4 battery electric cart/motorised track trolley provides a low-cost, simple solution for track inspection, maintenance and personnel transportation problems on rail networks. The vehicle is robust enough for daily use but is designed to be easy to operate and maintain. The cart features a symmetrical splitting concept which allows the MEC-4 to be transported to the site, through confined spaces and quickly assembled before use. Utilising both primary/secondary consoles, the unit can be driven in forward and reverse directions, allowing auxiliary trailers to be added to either end and eliminating the need to lift off and rotate the vehicle for the return journey. The unit has four padded seats with seat belts and the complete seating section can be inverted and locked for storage or to protect from weather and vandalism. A large lockable toolbox is also supplied which can be removed for storage purposes.


  • Symmetrical split for easy handling through restricted areas such as escalators or station environments
  • Drive in either direction using the primary/secondary control panel
  • Towing capability - 2000Kg (up to 2 trailers)
  • Transport up to 4 people plus tools
  • Battery-powered with auxiliary battery packs for extended use
  • Large removable, lockable toolbox
  • Available in bespoke gauges

MEC 4 Data Sheet

MEC 2 Data Sheet

A 2-person derivative is also available, the MEC-2, with a towing capacity of 2000 Kg using the MTRL range of trailers.