DMT - Distance Measuring Trolley

DMT – Dual Rail Monitoring and asset Measuring System

The Distance Measuring Trolley (DMT) designed and manufactured by Donfabs & Consillia Ltd is a simple yet revolutionary way of precisely measuring distance parameters on railways. Using a self-guiding and centering trolley this provides a stable base for two precision tacho sensors to provide high accuracy positional information. A battery pack is provided for long recording autonomy, a laser pointer to provide accurate start, stop & measurement references and a PC with integral software for real time data showing the distance and event information.

  • High precision dual quadrature tacho streams for left and right distance
  • High precision front mounting laser for location marking
  • Bespoke software showing left, right and centre distances
  • Event 1 and event 2 cumulative distance logging
  • Optimal XD version for spreadsheet configuration