MEP - Motorised Electric Platform - Response

MEP - Motorised Emergency Platform: Responder - A bespoke product for Fire, Ambulance, Police and Security Services. Fully adaptable to meet the requirements of emergency responders.

Responding to incidents on public transport, freight and industrial railways is a hazardous task, due to the nature of the environment. With many rail networks now secured by design, emergency responders are faced with significant challenges. Reaching the site of an incident in a tunnel, on a bridge, or in a remote area, challenge the safety limitations of the emergency services, restricted by the duration of breathing apparatus, ergonomic factors due to PPE / Gas Tight Suits.

Use of motorised Rail Rescue and Push Trolleys decreases the risk of injury and the physiological impact, whilst increasing safety, range and efficiency parameters for responders. We have a proven history in this field and would very much welcome the opportunity to share our experience and expertise with you.

From casualty recovery, to insertion of specialist personnel and equipment, we work with our clients to develop bespoke solutions, to achieve optimal capability.

MEP Data & Options